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You have chosen a doctor and a clinic. Bought tickets for the plane. The place of residence is also booked. It is now time to beautify the medical journey with the unique cultural and tourist beauties of Turkey. But do not forget that Turkey consists not only of the beauties described by us. Here we were able to specify only the most significant cities and outstanding cultural and tourist heritage located in them. You can be sure that if you come to Turkey, here you will find even more.   


Istanbul is a cultural city serving as a bridge between Europe and Asia. The summer months are usually hot, and in winter the weather is changeable, depending on the influence of the prevailing cold cyclones. You can reach Istanbul by land, air and sea transport.

In Istanbul, Turkey's megalopolis, fifty-five public hospitals, five university clinics and one hundred and six private hospitals and clinics provide health services, of which twenty-three are accredited. This is the city with the largest number of private hospitals and clinics accredited to JCI. Accredited medical institutions in Istanbul: hospitals of Acıbadem Bakırköy, Kadıköy, Maslak and Kozyatagi, a group of medical institutions Medical Park - Bahçelievler Hospital and Göztepe Hospital, a group of medical institutions of the LIV,German Hospital, American Hospital, Şişli Hospital Florence Nightingale Caglayan, Kadikoy, Shishli and Gayrettepe, Dunia Göz Hospital, Hisar Intercontinental Hospital, International Hospital, Istanbul Hospital Memorial, Medicana International Hospital Istanbul, Medicana Bahcelievler Hospital, Medicana Chamlydzha Hospital, Medicana International Ankara, Sema Hospital, Neuropsychiatric Hospital NP Istanbul, German Universal Taksim Hospital, Pendik Regional Hospital and Yeditepe University Hospital. In addition, alternative medical services are provided at the thermal springs in Tuzla.     


Ankara is the capital of Turkey. The location is in the center of Turkey. The winter months here are cold, and the summer months are hot and dry. The hottest period is July-August, and the coldest month is January. You can get to Ankara by land, air and rail.

In Ankara, public health services are provided by thirty-nine public hospitals, ten university clinics and twenty-nine private hospitals, seven of which are accredited. Accredited hospitals Ankara: Ankara Guven Hospital, Medical Park,  Memorial, and many others. In addition, there are three hot springs in the region. To provide people with these medicinal waters, eight thermal sanatorium resorts have been built. If you want to consolidate medical tourism by healing on thermal springs, thanks to medicinal waters, we are waiting for you in Ankara.


Izmir is located in the middle of the Aegean coast. Summer here is hot and humid, the winter is warm and rainy. Izmir can be reached by land, air and sea transport.

In Izmir, health services are provided by fourteen public hospitals, three university clinics and eleven private hospitals and clinics.

In the region there are also thermal wellness springs, which are one of the natural methods of treatment. Services are provided on three hot springs and seven thermal sanatoriums. You can be sure that you will be surrounded by attention worthy of kings.

Izmir will give you a rich health-improving sanatorium rest, thanks to the multi-colored sea in the west, beaches and thermal centers. Do you want to stroll through one of the most famous ancient cities of the Roman Empire - Ephesus, to dream about the creative events that took place here many centuries ago? Then we are waiting for you in Izmir.


Afyonkarahisar is located at the point where the points of connection of the north to the south and the west intersect with the east of Anatolia. Winters are cold and snowy here, and hot and dry weather is observed in the summer. You can get to Afyonkarahisar by land and rail. In Antalya, health services are provided by seventeen state and one private hospitals. Afyonkarahisar is very rich in thermal springs. There are five hot springs in this area. In comfortable five-star hotels everything is provided for your comfort and health. Receiving the services of health tourism, you can relax at the same time, thanks to the natural beauties of Afyonkarahisar. If you want to feel yourself in another world, visiting the miracle of nature, the Akdag-Tokalı to the Sandıklı and the "stone pillars" (tour "Peribacaları") in Iscehisar,


The Black Sea Region of Turkiye with its plateaus, all the tones of green, hot springs and the sea, is a unique natural beauty. in coastal areas, winter is warm, spring is foggy and cool, and summer is wet. When moving away from the coast to the interior, the influence of the continental climate is noticeable.

This is the region with the greatest potential of health tourism in Turkey.


Bursa is located in the southeast of the Sea of ​​Marmara. As a rule, temperate climate prevails here, which has its differences depending on the region. Unlike the south, where Uludag has a harsh climate and a large amount of precipitation, the mild climate of the Sea of ​​Marmara dominates the north. You can get to Bursa by land, air and sea transport.

In Bursa, health services are provided in six public and eight private hospitals, three of which are accredited. Accredited medical institutions in Bursa: Medical facilities of Uludag University, a group of medical institutions Medical Park - Bursa hospital and Acıbadem Bursa hospital.

Bursa is a rich area in terms of drinking and thermal springs. Over the centuries, people came to Bursa to treat the thermal waters. There are three drinking and eight hot springs of mineral waters.

Healing waters are used to treat many diseases. Seven quality thermal spas give people the opportunity to use medicinal waters.

Bursa plays a big role especially in winter tourism. One of the largest ski resorts in the country, Uludag, is located in the Bursa region. If you prefer to use the services of medical and health tourism in the winter, then we are waiting for you in Bursa.


Yalova is located in the north-west of Turkey, in the southeastern part of the Marmara Sea. In summer it is hot and dry, and in winter it is warm and a lot of precipitation. You can get to Yalova by land and sea. In Yalova, one public and two private hospitals provide health services. Yalova is very rich in thermal springs. There are three hot springs in the region. These sources have at least a three thousand-year past. Healing waters that help heal from many diseases are provided for use in comfortable thermal spas. Do you want after the treatment to enjoy the silence and tranquility of the natural beauties of magnificent shades? Then we are waiting for you in the first private Arboretum (arboretum) of Turkey. Do not forget to visit this unique place, where about 7000 different species, subspecies, varieties and cultural forms of plants are collected.  


Kocaeli is located on the path connecting Europe with the Middle East and passing through Anatolia. Summer is hot here, with a low amount of precipitation, and the winter is warm and with precipitation. The area of ​​Kocaeli can be reached by land and air transport. In Kocaeli, six public and five private hospitals provide health services, two of which are accredited. Accredited hospitals Kocaeli: Kocaeli acıbadem Hospital and Medical n Centralized Anadolu.

From the point of view of a thermal sanatorium holiday in Kocaeli there are two drinking and one hot spring of mineral waters. If you want to get healing with water from a holy spring since Byzantium, we are waiting for you in Kocaeli. If you arrive in Kocaeli between December and February, do not forget to take a look at one of the most popular ski resorts in Turkey - Kartepe.


Antalya is a tourist center located in the south of Turkey, on the Mediterranean coast. Winters here are temperate and rainy, summer is hot and humid. You can get to Antalya by land, air and sea transport. In Antalya, public health services are provided by thirteen state and fifteen private hospitals, one of which is accredited. Accredited medical institution of Antalya: group of medical institutions Medical Park - Antalya hospital.

Antalya is one of the popular world centers for summer tourism. Antalya, in which the sea, the sun, history and nature are harmoniously united, has the title of the Turkish Riviera. If you want to get medical and health tourism services and at the same time enjoy the sun and sea on the cleanest beaches of the Mediterranean, we are waiting for you in Antalya.


Kayseri is located in the area of ​​the river Middle Kızılirmak, in a place where the southern part of Anatolia is approaching the Taurus mountains. Winters are cold and snowy here, and in summer the continental climate dominates with hot and dry weather.  You can get to Kayseri by land and by air. Kayseri is one of the important centers of health tourism in Central Anatolia region. In Kayseri, public health services are provided by five public and fourteen private hospitals.

Arriving in Kayseri, you can take advantage of the healing waters. There are four hot springs in the region. Hot and drinking springs with quality curative mineral waters that help with many diseases await you. Want to come to Kayseri, to see the places on which Alexander the Great went to the East? Do not return home without seeing the miracle of nature - stone pillars, Cappadocia, which was in the ancient times the center of Christianity, and Urgup, located seventy kilometers from Kayseri.


Kütahya is located in the central western Anatolian part of the Aegean region. In the eastern regions, the summer is hot and dry, and winters are cold with precipitation. In the western part, the milder sea climate prevails. You can reach Kutahya by land or rail.  

In Kütahya, six public and four private hospitals provide health services.

Kütahya is one of the richest regions in the thermal springs. There are ten quality hot springs. These sources are provided for services through spa- hotels. Do not you want to heal the healing waters of Kütahya? Arriving in Kutahya, we advise you to visit the workshops for the manufacture of porcelain products. We are waiting for you in Kütahya, where you can buy for your memory unique and colorful works of porcelain craftsmanship, which are here since the days of Phrygia.